Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies

A Scholar-Artistic Conversation about art, hierarchies and 1950’s amateur landscape paintings from Lindås

In an open round-table discussion the conversation will reflect on the work of Alt går bra and their exploration of the histories and hierarchies of art as well as the possibilities inherent in the artistic research.

Illustrasjon med to landskapsmalerier
Alt går bra

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The research Group Contemporary Aesthetics collaborators with the art collective Alt Går Bra on an event informed by the on-going exhibition about Strandamalerne (self-taught painters from Vestlandet) at Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde.

Joining the conversation will be:

  • Agnes Nedergard og Branko Boero Imwinkelried (Alt går bra)
  • Tonje haugland Sørensen (University of Bergen)
  • Hanne Hammer-Stien (University of Tromsø – Norway’s Arctic University)
  • Frèdérique Toudoire-Surlapierre (The University of Sorbonne)
  • Alessandra Ballotti (The University of Sorbonne)