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Exploring the Middle Ages, posters 2015

Explore the richness of medieval research in Bergen through 55 research posters.

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POSTER CATALOG: More than 50 posters were exhibited during the Exploring the Middle Ages conference at the University of Bergen, November 2015. These are also presented in this catalog.

Knowledge about the Norwegian and European Middle Ages is decisive for our understanding of the modern cultivation of knowledge, urbanisation, development of democracy and the principles of equality between individuals, indeed for the whole of our modern culture. Knowledge about topography and landscape and their role in history gives us an understanding of the social, economic and legal continuation of local communities, legal understanding and social self-understanding. 

Taken together, these are all relevant themes in today’s society, and yet, as viewed in a distant mirror, many of them are already reflected in medieval literature. The Middle Ages is central and foundational for the history of Bergen, the West of Norway and all of Norway, and it places Norway securely in a European context. The University and Museums sector in Bergen constitutes a large and diverse academic community in the field of Medieval Studies.

More than 50 posters were on display during the conference Exploring the Middle Ages at the University of Bergen, November 2015. They cover a wide range of topics and research disciplines and thus indicate the quality and quantity of Medieval Studies in Bergen today. The posters present both individual projects, collaborative projects and projected fields of research groups. Many of these are the work of younger scholars educated in Bergen. As such, they bear witness to the traditions and the high level of activity in the field of Medieval Studies. Through these posters you are welcome to explore the richness of Medieval research in Bergen.

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