Medieval Research Cluster
strategy 2019–2024

Strategy for the Medieval Research Cluster 2019–2024

VISION: Bergen and western Norway will play a leading role both nationally and internationally within medieval studies and related fields.

Main content

The medieval period has had a profound influence on historical development and identity, both nationally and internationally. Knowledge about the Middle Ages (defined as being the period between 500 AD and 1500 AD) is therefore important, and crucial for understanding the background to our modern society.

Bergen and the western region of Norway have a number of specialist environments that together curate the common heritage from the Middle Ages. Medieval research has long enjoyed a strong position in Bergen and meets high international standards.  

In its strategy for 2016 –2022 the University of Bergen initiated the development of seven knowledge clusters; the knowledge cluster for medieval studies is the only such cluster within the humanities. The Medieval Research Cluster will bring together specialist environments within the field in Bergen and western Norway. The cluster should support its members’ missions to society: research; education; knowledge dissemination; heritage management; and innovation.

Goals for the cluster

  • Build and strengthen networks and establish meeting points for members and other relevant participants – both nationally and internationally
  • Secure, build and strengthen internationally leading interdisciplinary research environments in Bergen and western Norway
  • Disseminate knowledge and new research about the Middle Ages in society through effective and innovative communication
  • Contribute with up-to-date, research-based and pedagogical teaching at all levels, from primary school to higher education
  • Create a broader foundation for knowledge-based management of cultural heritage that advances accessibility, inclusivity and sustainable use
  • Show that cultural heritage from the Middle Ages is a significant resource for both local communities and the tourist industry, and work for broad collaboration between the specialist environments and the business community
  • Promote Bergen's identity as a medieval town and emphasise western Norway's role in medieval society to encourage greater involvement by citizens and politicians.