Michael Sars Centre


Rios/Stokkermans/Santangeli/ EMBL
Rios/Stokkermans/Santangeli/ EMBL

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The Michael Sars Centre is a partner of the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) since June 2003. This partnership facilitates scientific exchange and supports areas of common interest of the two institutes, opening up new directions for research, training and collaborations.

The partnership, renewed after 10 years, focuses on several key areas:

  • Joint scientific meetings with exchange of information on current projects, stimulation of future collaborations and personnel exchange between Sars/EMBL and others.
  • Mutual access to facilities, instrumentation and databases.
  • The Michael Sars Centre has established and will consolidate, together with several departments of UiB, a PhD Programme in Molecular and Computational Biology.  
  • EMBL takes an active role in advising and evaluating the development and progress of the Sars Centre.


Pictured above:
Muscle and epithelial formation in the Drosophila embryo 
Changing shapes – metamorphosis of a sea anemone 
Life in the sea – a plankton cell