Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

Friday Seminars - Guest Speakers 2018/2019

Høyteknologisenteret (HIB), 1.30pm, Bioblokken 5th floor, Room 520B1 (The "N-terminal")


DateInvited speakerTitle
10. Oct Annika Guse
Centre for Organismal Studies Heidelberg
Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of coral-algal symbiosis using Aiptasia as a model system
Heather Marlow
Institut Pasteur, Paris
Transcriptomic programs underlying cell fate determination in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis
16. NovAndrew Swan
University of Windsor, Canada
APC/C-Cort, a meiosis-specific Anaphase Promoting Complex, contributes to sex determination in Drosophila
30. NovBenyamin Rosental, 
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Evolutionary origin of the mammalian hematopoietic system found in a colonial chordate
Leonid Moroz
The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida
Genealogy of Neurons: Deciphering Brain Evolution through the Lens of Single-cell genomics
Christmas break
1. FebEugen Kerkhoff
University Hospital Regensburg
Actin/myosin functions in exocytic transport processes
15. FebBrigitte Galliot
University of Geneva
Hydra, a model for regeneration and slow aging
22. FebInes Drinnenberg
Institut Curie, Paris
Histone repertoire changes are associated with changes in genome organisation: Loss of CenH3 in holocentric insects
22. MarArnau Sebe-Pedros
Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona
Early metazoan cell type diversity and regulation by single-cell RNA-seq analysis
29. MarKristen Koenig
Harvard University
Cephalopod lens development and the evolution of visual system complexity
12. AprNicole King
Light regulated morphogenesis in a shape-shifting choanoflagellate
26. AprAudrey Dussutour
University Toulouse
Decision making and learning abilities in non neural organisms, evidence from slime molds.
3. MayScott Nichols
University of Denver
Evolution of epithelial organization and dynamics in animals
10. MayCelina Juliano
UC Davis
Mechanisms of Development and Regeneration in Hydra
24. MayPauline Schaap
University Dundee
From environmental sensing to developmental control – evolution of cell communication in the social amoebas.
7. JunSebastian Diecke
Berlin Institute of Health
Stem cells and gene editing for biomedical research and to rescue highly endangered animals
14. JunNadine Vastenhouw
MPI Dresden
21. JunKerstin Bartscherer
Hubrecht labs Utrecht
Understanding regeneration - from planarians to spiny mice
28. JunNicolas Rohner
Stowers Institute, Kansas