Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

Friday Seminars - Guest Speakers 2019/2020

Høyteknologisenteret (HIB), 1.30pm, Bioblokken 5th floor, Room 520B1 (The "N-terminal")


DateInvited speakerTitle
27. SepKaren Echeverri,
Marine Biological Laboratory, The University of Chicago
Molecular mechanisims of regeneration: lessons from axolotls
18. OctAndrea Pauli
Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
Small proteins with big roles – from coordinating cell migration to mediating species-specific fertilization
25. OctJakob Vinther,
University of Bristol
Comb Jelly origins — A palaeontological perspective
22. NovUli Technau
University of Vienna
The evolution of mesoderm and its derivatives - lessons from a diploblastic sea anemone
26. NovRoberto Feuda, 
University of Leicester
Towards a system-level understanding of the evolution of the nervous system
Christmas Break
31. JanAissam Ikmi,
EMBL Heidelberg
Deciphering the drivers of morphogenesis at the organismal scale
14. FebKenneth H Wolfe
UCD Conway Institute
Origin of yeast’s natural genome engineering system, mating-type switching
20. Feb
(note: Thursday)
Evelyn Houliston
Institut de la Mer de Villefranche, IMEV
Gastrulation in the hydrozoan Clytia
21. FebDavid McClay,
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University
Top down and Bottom up approaches to understand morphogenesis
(note: Thursday)
Martin How,
University of Bristol
Polarization as an alternative to colour in animal vision
28.FebRobert Lucas,
University of Manchester
Animal opsins, from functional characterisation to optogenetic application

13. Mar

Aissam Ikmi
Group leader EMBL Heidelberg
Deciphering the drivers of morphogenesis at the organismal scale
20. Mar
Veena Prahlad,
University of Iowa
The central role of the nervous system in controlling cellular protein homeostasis
26. Mar
Marianne Bronner
California Institute of Technology
24. AprRadu Aricescu
The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), Cambridge
8. MayJun-Yi Leu,
Academia Sinica
Genetic incompatibility and speciation: what can we learn from yeast and why should we care?
15. MayOliver Hobert
Columbia University
5. JunDuygu Özpolat
Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Chicago
12. JunSandra Duharcourt,
Institut Jacques Monod, Université Paris Diderot/CNRS
19. JunJoe Thornton
Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago
26. JunThomas Söllner,
Biochemistry Center (BZH), University of Heidelberg
3. JulAnindya Dutta,
University of Virginia