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  • Henriet S, Sanmarti BC, Sumic S and Chourrout D (2019) Evolution of the U2 Spliceosome for Processing Numerous and Highly Diverse Non-canonical Introns in the Chordate Fritillaria borealis. Current Biology 29 (19), R920-922 doi 10.1016

  • Naville M*, Henriet S*, Warren I, Reeve M, Volff JN, Chourrout D (2019) Massive Changes of Genome Size Driven by Expansions of Non-autonomous Transposable Elements. Current Biology 29(6) *co-first authors

  • Deng W, Henriet S, Chourrout D (2018). Prevalence of Mutation-Prone Microhomology-Mediated End Joining in a Chordate Lacking the c-NHEJ DNA Repair Pathway Current Biology 28(20):3337-3341

  • Mikhaleva Y, Skinnes R, Sumic S, Thompson EM, Chourrout D. (2018) Development of the house secreting epithelium, a major innovation of tunicate larvaceans, involves multiple homeodomain transcription factors. Developmental Biology 443(2):117-126.

  • Olsen LC, Kourtesis I, Busengdal H, Jensen MF, Hausen H, Chourrout D. (2018) Evidence for a centrosome-attracting body like structure in germ-soma segregation during early development, in the urochordate Oikopleura dioica. BMC Developmental Biology 18(1) doi: 10.1186/s12861-018-0165-5.

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