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Professor Clive R Bramham, Department of Biomedicine, UiB

Professor Clive Bramham, Head of Neuroscience Research Group at the Department of Biomedicine, UiB will present his talk: “Arc as a master regulator of synaptic plasticity: toward a molecular understanding of how the brain works.”

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Professor Clive Bramham, Department of Biomedicine, UiB. 

My research focuses on the molecular control and cell biological organization of long-term synaptic plasticity in the mammalian brain. Synaptic plasticity is essential for brain development and maturation, learning and memory, cognitive flexibility and adaptation. Synaptic plasticity is the means by which neural activity patterns (neuronal firing) maintains or changes neural circuit properties. The study of synaptic plasticity is crucial to explaining how subcellular control systems impact brain function and dysfunction. Our current efforts focus on the Arc protein as a master organizer of synaptic plasticity. Diverse experimental approaches are used from FLIM-FRET imaging and protein biochemistry, to live animal electrophysiology and optogenetic manipulations.

Host: Lynagh Lab

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Clive Bramham