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Dr. Savani Anbalagan from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

Dr. Savani Anbalagan from the Faculty of Biology at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland, will present: "If there is a receptor for Nitric oxide, is there a receptor for Oxygen?"

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Dr. Savani Anbalagan

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Our current research is focused on the molecular genetics of neurohypophysis neurovascular morphogenesis in zebrafish. In addition, I recently proposed the terms and concept of gasocrine signaling, gasoreceptors and gasocrinology. To investigate gasocrine signaling, there is a critical need to identify gasoreceptors for all gaseous signaling molecules or gasotransmitters including Oxygen. Even though the Nobel lecture in 1998 described the identity of the protein receptor for Nitric oxide, till date there is not even a Wikipedia page for Oxygen receptor. Based on existing scientific literature, I propose that heme-based oxygen sensors or metalloproteins, featuring diverse signaling domains across genera, are merely (putative) Oxygen receptors - gasoreceptors. Acknowledging that Oxygen gasoreceptors are likely to belong to multiple protein classes with diverse signaling domains and pathways will facilitate a comprehensive search for Oxygen gasoreceptors in all organisms and across every cell type. This approach will broaden the investigation beyond specialized tissues or cells, encompassing a systemic exploration. I hope that by studying gasoreceptors of all the gaseous molecules, we can understand the mysteries and general principles in cells and organisms.

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