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The University of Bergen has some of the country's leading research groups in artificial intelligence (AI). The subject has long traditions at UiB, and now the broad research and educational efforts within AI will be highlighted through the launch of «UiB AI».
Norway is not a member of the European Union but still we have a lot of Norwegian actors present in Brussels with the aim of influencing EU policy. Why is that, and how did the relationship between Norway and the EU develop to what it is today?
What is the EU and how does it work? It can be difficult to distinguish between the different EU institutions, and in this article we will try to clarify what the EU is han how it works - institution for institution. If you want to learn more about this topic or just hear about it instead of reading it, you can follow and listen to BrusselBobla, a podcast made by UiB and the Student Radio in... Read more
Cutting-edge technology makes it possible for scientists to retrieve DNA recovered decades ago. An international team of researchers, including scientists from SapienCE, were able to isolate ancient DNA from blocks of sediment embedded in plastic resin commonly used for micromorphological analyses.