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Tuesday 26 May 2020 was a historic day that saw parliamentary approval of a new Norwegian Biotechnology Act. As leader of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim followed the parliamentary debate closely.
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters invited BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim to contribute to its lecture series on trust during the corona pandemic. The event took place online on 14 May 2020 and a recording is available on the Academy website (see link below).
"Hva er DØDEN" ("What is DEATH") is a new book co-authored by BCEPS researcher Carl Tollef Solberg and Professor Espen Gamlund from the Department of Philosophy. The book is full of thoughts and ideas, reflections and stories, all aimed at giving the reader a new perspective on life and death.
In a commentary published in Nature Medicine on 7 May 2020, BCEPS Director Ole F. Norheim foresees wide acceptance of this strategy on ethical grounds, given that it can maximize lives saved at a lower cost and with burdens more fairly distributed than is the case for most other policies.
BCEPS Deputy Director Ingrid Miljeteig is lead author of two chapters in a recently published Norwegian textbook on ethics in the health system, while BCEPS PhD candidate Eirik Tranvåg is co-author of one of these chapters.