Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS)


Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS) is part of the Section for Ethics and Health Economics at the University of Bergen Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care. BCEPS aims to understand and promote ethically acceptable, fair, and efficient priority setting in national health systems.

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Improved priority setting for health, aiming for the greatest number of healthy life years for all, fairly distributed, with financial risk protection.


BCEPS aims to develop and provide methods, evidence and normative guidance for ethically acceptable, fair and efficient priority setting for improved population health and wellbeing in national health systems.


BCEPS currently carries out work in Norway, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zanzibar, India, Tanzania, Ghana, Nepal, and the US. 


BCEPS has an extensive network of collaborative partners in Norway and abroad, including a key partner at the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, the Addis Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (ACEPS).

Partners in Norway

  • Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI)
  • Centre for International Health (CIH) at the University of Bergen
  • Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality (FAIR) at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
  • Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) at the University of Bergen
  • Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (CISMAC)
  • Haukeland University Hospital, Helse Bergen Health Trust
  • Akershus University Hospital, Oslo

Partners in Ethiopia

  • The Addis Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (ACEPS) is our key partner and acts as a regional hub for knowledge exchange in East Africa. It organises short and advanced courses in economic evaluation, priority setting and essential health service package design for relevant stakeholders in the region.
  • Africa CDC, Health Economics Program
  • Ministry of Health Ethiopia

Partners in Ghana

Official Country Team Partners

  • University of Ghana
  • Ministry of Health Ghana 
  • Ghana Health Service


  • WHO (Health Financing Unit & NCD Unit)
  • PharmAccess
  • Ghana National Health Insurance Authority
  • NCD Alliance

Partners in India

  • Centre for Health Research and Development, Society for Applied Studies (CHRD-SAS)
  • Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI)

Partners in Malawi

  • Ministry of Health Malawi
  • Kamuzu College of Health Sciences (Health Economics and Policy Unit)

Partners in Nepal

Official Country Team Partners

  • Ministry of Health and Population 
  • Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under Dept of Health Services
  • Kathmandu University
  • Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Economics 
  • Kathmandu Institute of Child Health


  • WHO (Health Financing Unit & NCD Unit)
  • NCD Alliance

Partners in Tanzania

Official Country Team Partners

  • Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS)
  • Ministry of Health Tanzania
  • PharmAccess
  • President Office Regional and Local Government Authority (PORALG)


  • WHO (Health Financing Unit & NCD Unit)
  • Tanzania Non-communicable Diseases Alliance (TANCDA) 
  • National Institute of Medical Research (NCDI Alliance) 
  • National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

Partners in Zanzibar

Official Country Team Partners

  • Ministry of Health Zanzibar
  • Ministry of Finance
  • D-Tree
  • WHO
  • Addis Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (ACEPS)
  • National Bureau of Statistics 


  • PharmAccess
  • Health Improvement Project Zanzibar (HIPZ)

Other International Partners

  • Harvard University (US)
  • University of Washington (US)
  • University of California, San Francisco (US)
  • University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
  • University of York (UK)
  • London School of Economics (UK)
  • World Health Organisation
  • World Bank

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