Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate

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GLANAM workshop 14.-18. October 2013

In mid-September the first annual workshop in the newly started GLANAM-project was held at Holmavatn, Jæren. The workshop had 35 participants from the co-operating institutions.

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On the first day of the workshop the GLANAM PhD students and postdocs gave an oral presentation about their background and what topics they are to focus on in their studies. A total of 13 PhD students and postdocs, coming from Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Italy, France and Belgium, have been employed on GLANAM since the start-up of the project in April 2013. In addition to the PhD presentations the leaders of the various research projects in GLANAM had overview presentations on sedimentary processes, glacial history and North Atlantic margin development, whereas the GLANAM industry partners informed about their contributions to the project.

During day two of the workshop the participants were on excursion. The excursion was led by Professor Hans Petter Sejrup, GEO, and a number of localities in the Jæren region were visited. On each locality visited one of the PhD students gave an introduction to the geology in the area.


The GLANAM workshop ended with a two-day course for the PhD students in communication, led by Lowry McComb and Steve Hutchinson from the University of Durham, focusing on group dynamics and team building.