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The research group in Welfare Law conducts research on a broad range of legal welfare issues connected to Health and Social Law, Child Welfare Services, Labour Law, Social Security Law, Bio Law, Legal Theory, etc.

The research is closely connected to other legal fields – particularly Human Rights and Administrative Law. A key focus is on vulnerable groups and the interconnections between welfare, discrimination, and migration.

The research group actively contributes to the UiB priority areas Global Challenges connected to health, migration, and social inequity.

New book
Book cover, Health and Human Rights

New book co-authored by Henriette Sinding Aasen

Henriette Sinding Aasen has co-authored the new book 'Health and Human Rights'.

Meet the researcher
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The 'return turn' in asylum law and policy

WAIT has strengthened its research group with post doctor Jessica Schultz, a lawyer specialized in international refugee law and human rights law.