Development Geography
Master Project

Mechanization of smallholder Agriculture

In my master project I study Mechanization of smallholder Agriculture in the Northern Savanna of Ghana and its implications on Land use and Farm Productivity.

Master student Moses Mosonsieyiri Kansanga.
Master student Moses Mosonsieyiri Kansanga.

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My master project centers on the mechanization of smallholder agriculture - mainly the use of tractors and how it impacts on existing land tenure arrangements as well as the incipient relationship between farmers of different cultivable capacities. As part of my research objectives I delved into the impacts of 'tractorization' on farm sizes, output and the food basket in the study area.

Using Geographic Information Systems technology, I recorded the spatial extent of old farm sizes of respondents dating back to 2005 when 'tractorization' had not taken shape in the area and the current farm sizes for the 2015 planting season following the upsurge in tractor usage. Using 2005 as the control year of reference before intensification of tractor technology in the area, I draw a comparative analysis to ascertain any changes in the farm sizes of respondents whiles noting other variables that could as well contribute to a change in farm areas.

Working within the framework of Entitlement in Political Ecology, I adopt an actor-oriented approach analyze the avenues of access and control over land by smallholder farmers in the face of other equally competing land use options in the study area.


Field Work

Entering into the field in an expectant manner and knocking on closed doors with an open mind, my fieldwork has not only being a fulfilling academic process but also a priceless avenue of cultural learning. Interacting with the resilient farmers of Navorongo, took me deeper into the nexus between local knowledge and modern technology as they are blended uniformly by local farmers on the agricultural terrain.


Study Geography in Bergen

My experience studying geography in Bergen, has been a practically fulfilling one. Coming to Bergen with an open mind, Development geography has taken me deeper into the confines of knowledge construction and power dynamics among social actors. My understanding of development concerns such as resource utilization and environmental problems have witnessed a tremendous boost.

For prospective students, Bergen is the ideal 'land' for the passionate geographer. Beyond it's striking spatial layout of land forms, the hands-on oriented course structure amidst a dedicated staff, offers a revealing moment of knowledge of all facets of human-environment interaction. Look forward to a challenging but motivating atmosphere of academic mentoring!



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