Research Group The Borders of Europe

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The research group was established in 2007 and has from the outset had as its main goal to initiate interdisciplinary, international research collaboration focusing on transnational border crossing processes, diaspora, migration and exile experiences as aesthetic practices in European literature, theatre and art.

In connection with the group's research projects, an important sub-goal has been to contribute to researcher education and recruitment through both facilitating dialogue between junior and senior researchers and developing interdisciplinary educational programs for PhD and master students.

Graphic outlines of European countries in yellow on a red background, used to illustrate article about the Research Group The Borders of Europe.

Researching the changing borders of Europe

Europe’s borders keep changing, both mentally and geographically. But where do Europe’s borders begin? Where do they end? What is the real centre of Europe? We asked the research group the Borders of Europe to provide us with some answers.