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Rob Gawthorpe awarded VISTA Professorship

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Rob on the recent offshore phase of IODP Expedition 381 to the Corinth Rift
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Rob Gawthorpe has been awarded the VISTA Professorship for three years, starting January 2018, by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.  VISTA is a collaboration between the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Statoil and they fund one professor position to allow a scholar who is an international leader in their field to focus on research and research supervision.  

During his appointment as VISTA Professor, Rob will focus his research on the sedimentology, stratigraphy and tectonics of sedimentary basins, particularly rifted margins.  Carefully chosen natural examples (outcrop and subsurface), will be integrated with numerical modelling of structure, landscape development and deposition to study basin evolution and controls on basin stratigraphy.  One PhD fellowship and one postdoctoral research assistant are linked to the professorship.  The professorship also provides funding for visiting scholarships to PhD and postdoctoral candidates to visit Bergen to work collaboratively on research into tectonics and sedimentation, source-to-sink studies and tectonic geomorphology.

More information can be found here.

Rob Gawthorpe's UiB web page here.