Geodynamics and Basin Studies
Award for the best poster

Postdoctor Luisa Zuluaga at GEO was awarded for the best poster at an european workshop for geotermi in Strasbourg.

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Postdoctoral fellow Luisa Zuluaga at GEO was awarded 1st prize for her poster presentation: « Outcrop fracture characterization for geothermal reservoirs: challenges in optimizing inputs for reservoir models ».

The award took place last 11th October under the 6th European Geothermal Workshop in Strasbourg, held by LabEx G-eau-thermie profonde together with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the European Energy Research Alliance.

Luisa’s research project, ANIGMA, is a collaboration between mathematicians and geologists, they analyze fractured outcrops in the Sotra islands and their potential as analogs for deep geothermal reservoirs.

Luisa is affiliated with the research group for Basin- and reservoir studies at Geo. Congratulations!