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New publication: deep-marine rift basin deposits in east Greenland (and video)

Picture showing Gijs investigation an outcrop section consisting of stacked turbidite beds
Picture showing Gijs investigating an outcrop section consisting of stacked turbidite beds.
Sten-Andreas Grundvåg

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In a recent publication by Henstra et al. (2016) in Marine and Petroleum Geology, Sten-Andreas Grundvåg, UiT, is one of several co-authors.

The publication focus on Lower Cretaceous deposits in Wollaston Forland, east Greenland, and features some breath-taking illustrations of submarine gravity flow processes and their products deposited in a deep-marine rift basin during rift climax. The results have implications for understanding the infill of similar deep-marine rift basins on the conjugate margin of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The lead author, Gijs Henstra, UiB, is currently working with similar rift deposits in the Gulf of Corinth and thus continues his pursue of improving the understanding of gravity flow processes in deep-marine rift basins.

The paper can be found online and downloaded from the following link:


Below (link) is a short video from the team's fieldwork carried out in Greenland in 2014 (video made by Gijs Henstra):



Henstra, G., Grundvåg, S.-A., Johannessen, E.P., Kristensen, T., Midtkandal, I., Nystuen, J.-P., Rotevatn, A., Surlyk, F., Sæther, T. & Windelstad, J. (2016): Depositional processes and stratigraphic architecture within a coarse-grained rift-margin turbidite system: the Wollaston Forland Group, East Greenland. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Volume 76, September 2016, Pages 187–209. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2016.05.018