PhD Defence

Successful PhD defence by Hasbi Ash Shiddiqi

On Thursday 19 January Hasbi Ash Shiddiqi successfully defended his PhD thesis. The title of his thesis is 'Intraplate Earthquakes in Nordland, Northern Norway- Insight from Seismic Tomography and Seismicity Analysis'.

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Hasbi Ash Shidiqqi succesfully defended his PhD thesis on Thursday 19 January 2023. The topic of his thesis was intraplate earthquakes and the title of his thesis is: «Intraplate Earthquakes in Nordland, Northern Norway - Insight from Seismic Tomography and Seismicity Analysis». 

The opponents were research director Nikolai Shapiro of the Université Grenoble-Alpes in France and associate professor Björn Lund of Uppsala University in Sweden. Professor Mathilde Bøttger Sørensen was the internal member of Hasbi's committee and the defense was led by professor Atle Rotevatn.

Hasbi's PhD supervisors were professor Lars Ottemöller and professor Stéphane Rondenay, both from the department of geoscience of UiB.