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New publication on translational ethics

There is an epistemological gap between theoretical and practical approaches to bioethics. A new article from Global Health Priorities researcher Kristine Bærøe aims at helping to bridge this gap.

Translational ethics

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In the article published in BMC Medical Ethics, Kristine Bærøe provides a conceptual framework of the various ways translational between the two modes of 'doing bioethics' can take place. These identified 'translational movements' can be used to systematize a self-reflexive, comprehensive discussion of ways to justify bioethical conclusions. Also, when thoroughly justified, they can be used as building blocks in a new, ethical discipline labelled 'translational ethics'.


Bærøe K. Translational ethics: an analytical framework of translational movements between theory and practice and a sketch of a comprehensive approach. BMC Medical Ethics. 2014;15(1):71. PubMed PMID: doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-71.