Global mental health
Summer course

Mental health and child development in societies of change

One of the courses in the Bergen Summer Research School was arranged by the global mental health research group.

Joyce Nalugya presenting group work
Ingunn M. S. Engebretsen

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The global mental health research group held together a 2 week PhD research course in June 2017 called:

Mental health and child development in societies of change.

It was a methodological multi-disciplinary course that had mental health in focus. Its research perspective primarily addressed: global health policies on mental health; health system integration strategies; mental health and culture (including bold exposures and risk factors such as forced migration); dealing with extreme burdens (such as war, crime, deprivation, undernutrition and abuse); alcohol and drugs; and child development.

The course was well received and is now part of the Bergen Summer Research School  course portfolio