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Climate Change Retorics – Time to Get Serious?

On November 3rd, postdoctoral fellow Ida Vikøren Andersen participated in a panel debate on climate researchers' rhetorics, and media's role in the climate change debate. The panel debate was arranged by Bergen Global and was streamed on Zoom.

Ida Vikøren Andersen
Bergen Global

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In their latest report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced "code red for humanity", threatening millions of lives, and called for immediate action to be taken. Against this background, Bergen Global organized a panel debate on climate researchers' rhetorics, dynamics between climate researchers and journalists, and media's role in shaping knowledge and attitudes. Ida Vikøren Andersen, postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Foreign Languages and member of the LINGCLIM research group took a central role in the debate: She initiated the debate with a reference to the above mentioned climate report and the ongoing climate summit in Glasgow, and contributed to the debate with thoughts and findings based on her own research. Besides Andersen, Tore Furevik, director at the Nansen Centre and professor in oceanography at the Geophysical Institute at UiB, and Katherine Duarte, ph.d candidate at the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET), were invited as panelists. The event was streamed on Zoom; a recorded version can be found on YouTube (in Norwegian).