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"Code Red for Climate Journalism"

On 16th December, Ida Vikøren Andersen, postdoctoral fellow in the CLIMLIFE research project, and Katherine Duarte, media researcher at UiB, published a debate article titled "Code Red for Climate Journalism" in the national newspaper Aftenposten.

Climate Journalism

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Both Andersen and Duarte have a special focus on climate change in their research: CLIMLIFE member Ida Andersen examines how youth and young adults manage climate and environmental issues rhetorically – in their everyday lives, through activism, and by participating in the public debate. Katharine Duarte is currently working on a Ph.D. thesis with the title: “Communicating climate science in the media: The challenges of dealing with controversies and uncertainties in the coverage of climate change in Norwegian media.” 

In their debate article in the Norwegian national newspaper Aftenposten, the two researchers argue that media, in addition to inform about the consequences of climate change, should also focus more on what we – as individuals and as society – can do to solve problems created by climate change.