Bergen Logic Group
Research seminar

Research Seminar

This page shows our previous and planned work-in-progress (WIP) and joint reading (JR) sessions. The sessions are open for everyone.


22.10WIPMichal WalickiTBA
08.10WIPLeon CommandeurTBA
24.09JRUlf Hlobil“Limits of Abductivism in Logic: Which Data?”
10.09WIPPål Fjeldvig AntonsenTBA
27.08TBAAndreas FjellstadCut-elimination for the cut-free approach to transparent truth
26.06WIPOle Thomassen HjortlandTBA
12.06JRColin R. Caret"Why Logical Pluralism?"
08.05WIPEvelyn Erickson"On the Anti-exceptionalist Commitment to Science as a Natural Kind"
24.04WIPTore Fjetland Øgaard"Classical Relevant Logic"
08.04JRSinan Dogramaci"Why Is a Valid Inference a Good Inference?"
27.03JRDiego Tajer"Kuhnian anti-exceptionalism about logic" (draft)
21.03WIPBenjamin Martin"Varieties of Contradiction"
20.02WIPRagnhild Iveranna Hogstad Jordahl"Chapter 2: Powers and Dispositions"
06.02WIPSindre O. Søderstrøm"Logic and Correct Reasoning"
23.01JRJC Beall"On Williamson’s new Quinean argument against nonclassical logic" (draft)
09.01WIPAndreas Fjellstad"More meta-inferential troubles for the validity predicate"