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Bergen Logic Seminar

This page shows our previous and planned work-in-progress (WIP) and joint reading (JR) sessions. The sessions are open for everyone.

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17.12WIPTore Fjetland Øgaard"Confused Entailment"
10.12JRJared Warren"Revisiting Quine on Truth by Convention"
26.11WIPEvelyn Erickson"A Pragmatic Account of Explanation in Logic"
22.10WIPMichal Walicki"Circularity and Truth"
08.10JRSorin Bangu"Changing the Style of Thinking: Wittgenstein on Superlatives, Revisionism, and Cantorian Set Theory"
24.09WIPJeffrey Robert Schatz"Axiom Selection after Large Cardinals"
20.05WIPAndreas Fjellstad & Ben Martin"Articulating dialetheism dialethically"
06.05WIPMina Young Pedersen"Logics for Social Networks"
22.04WIPLeon Commandeur"Theory-Choice as Value-Judgement"
11.03JRNicole Wyatt & Gillman Payette"Against logical generalism"
26.02WIPOle Thomassen Hjortland"Logical pluralism without collapse"
12.02WIPBen Martin"Logical Pluralism and the Mixed Inference Problem"
29.01WIPAndreas Fjellstad"Proof theory for metainferential hierarchies on Strong Kleene models"


03.12WIPSindre O. Søderstrøm"Reasoning and Rule Guidance"
19.11WIPSorin Bangu"Later Wittgenstein on the nature of logic"
05.11WIPTore Fjetland Øgaard"Anti-Suppression"
22.10WIPMichal Walicki"Graphs for inconsistency"
08.10WIPLeon Commandeur"Functionalism in logic"
24.09WIPPål Fjeldvig Antonsen"Logical Contextualism"
27.08WIPAndreas Fjellstad"Cut-elimination for the cut-free approach to transparent truth"
26.06WIPOle Thomassen HjortlandTBA
12.06JRColin R. Caret"Why Logical Pluralism?"
08.05WIPEvelyn Erickson"On the Anti-exceptionalist Commitment to Science as a Natural Kind"
24.04WIPTore Fjetland Øgaard"Classical Relevant Logic"
08.04JRSinan Dogramaci"Why Is a Valid Inference a Good Inference?"
27.03JRDiego Tajer"Kuhnian anti-exceptionalism about logic" (draft)
21.03WIPBen Martin"Varieties of Contradiction"
20.02WIPRagnhild Iveranna Hogstad Jordahl"Chapter 2: Powers and Dispositions"
06.02WIPSindre O. Søderstrøm"Logic and Correct Reasoning"
23.01JRJC Beall"On Williamson’s new Quinean argument against nonclassical logic" (draft)
09.01WIPAndreas Fjellstad"More meta-inferential troubles for the validity predicate"