Microwave Temperature Profiler Attex MTP-5

Since April 2011 atmospheric temperature profiles up to 1000 m are measured every 5 minutes from the rooftop platform at GFI in cooperation with the Nansen Center for Environmental Remote Sensing

MTP-5 microwave temperature profiler mounted on the rooftop measurement...
MTP-5 microwave temperature profiler mounted on the rooftop measurement platform of GFI.
Anak Bhandari, GFI

Temperature profiles are measured every 5 minutes with a passive microwave temperature profiler MTP-5 from Attex. Microwave radiation at around 56 GHz emitted by the atmosphe is measured by scanning in angular steps from horizontal to vertical. The operating software processes the data into vertical height and temperature information. The data are stored and profiles are displayed graphically every 5 minutes. The instrument measures temperature profiles in the atmospheric boundary layer up to 1000 m above the instrument, which itself is located around 45 m above sea level. In the latest version the system has a vertical resolution of 25 m in the lowest 100 m and 50 m above.

Data are presented every 5 minutes in form of data tables and profile plots and as time series for all altitudes over the last 24 hours. Example plots are presented to the right, access to the actual data by following this link (Norwegian only). The atmospheric levels of measurement are given in m above the instrument that is located 45 m a.s.l.

The instrument is owned by the G. C. Rieber Climate Institute at the Nansen Environmental Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) in Bergen. The measurements are part of the research project "PBL-feedback 191516/V30: Planetary boundary layer feedback in the Earth's Climate System" funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The data are available for non-commercial use, corresponding inquiries should be directed to the project leader at NERSC, Igor Ezau.

Contact at GFI:
Jan Asle Olseth