Automatic Weather Stations

Aanderaa Data Instruments (AADI)

The Aanderaa weather station at mount Ulriken (605 masl)

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Aanderaa Automatic Weather Stations (AADI AWS) are robust self-contained stations suited for use in remote places without infrastructure and electricity supply. Data can be recorded on site or transmitted in real time. Main advantage of the stations is their low energy consumption and general robustness and reliability, main drawback is the storage capacity and the internal data format and structure of the system that does not allow for the easy connection of additional instrumentation.

The AWS are mainly used for field campaigns (e.g. the FLOHOF campaign on Central Iceland in 2007) and for deployments of typically one year in the larger Bergen area in connection to master projects on local weather and climate.

The following AADI sensors are at the moment available at GFI for field deployment:



sensor scanning unit (SSU)301012
data storage unit (DSU)299015
air pressure sensor281015
air temperature sensor


air temperature sensor27756
air temperature sensor3444A5
air temperature sensor3444S1
relative humidity sensor34458
wind speed sensor274015
wind direction sensor35907
wind direction sensor27505

More about Aanderaa AWS can be found here.

contact at GFI:
Anak Bhandari