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Image Processing and Analysis at MIC

The november edition of the MIC newsletter is intended to inform you about your research opportunities to perform image processing at MIC. In addition, it provides some information about our new booking system.

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Image processing and analysis is a necessary, but often neglected step in the process of the experimental verification of a hypothesis. As a matter of fact, an experiment in which imaging is included needs to involve proper sample preparation, imaging, and image processing and analysis. The latter can range from simple adjustments in the image representation to the automated quantitative analysis of hundreds of images. It has the power to extract physical parameters like movement speeds of particles, concentrations, translocation-, and co-localisation coefficients.

We at MIC offer you access to powerful hard- and software for image processing and analysis as well as the expertise to use it. In addition, we offer a course on image processing and analysis.

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MIC Newsletter Nov. 2010