Nuclear lipids: biomolecular interactions and function

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Master thesis title: Subcellular PI3K Signaling in Adipocyte Differentiation
Hilde Kristin Grung-Berle will defend her master thesis Tuesday 11th December 2012. Her thesis is entitled: "Characterization of the transcription factor NF-E2p18/MafK as a nuclear phosphoinositide effector protein"
Master thesis title: "Heterogeneous Ribonucleoprotein U interacts with Phosphoinositides"
Welcome to Rhian Morgan who has started as a PhD student October 8th 2012.
We welcome Thomas Karlsson as a PhD student starting 01.06.2012!
Marianne GORIS has startet her master project in our lab, entitled "Protein-phosphoinositide interaction networks in adipocyte differentiation"
Title: "Lipid Signalling and Function in the Cell Nucleus" See https://www.uib.no/biomedisin/en/seminar/2012/03/bbb-seminar-aurelia-e.-lewis
Thomas Karlsson Thursday 8 December 10:00 MBI seminarrom 520B1