Physiotherapy Research Group

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During the last 10 years we have contributed to theory of locomotor control and developed methodology for analysis of balance and gait based upon body worn sensors (BWS) which give objective measurements in clinical settings independent of permanent laboratory equipment.

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Recently our methodology has been revised and refined using a new generation of kinematic BWS in cooperation with our scientific partners at NTNU. The work has been supported by substantial external funding including Norwegian Research Council and with technical support from SINTEF, Dept. of Applied Cybernetics. Our research strategy has a focus on locomotor control with an aim to increase our understanding of balance during walking. Our papers have seen a distinct increase in citations in recent years, which we believe demonstrates that our research is relevant and of interest in the field of locomotion analysis. We will encourage Master- and PhD-projects in the field, in continued and extended cooperation with NTNU and clinical partners in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. Further we will adapt our research approach for clinical use in primary health care.