Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law

Workshop on wind energy

The research group had a successful workshop on wind energy in April with the student group Enviro.

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The workshop raised relevant issues related to wind energy, both on land and at sea, with focus especially on the many challenges this area of law faces today and in the future. Ingunn Myklebust, Eirik Finserås and Sigrid Shütz, who are all members of the research group, initiated the workshop with short introductions on relevant issues via Zoom. As the covid-situation allowed for the students to meet in person, they gathered in small groups after the digital introductions to discuss assigned cases related to wind energy, such as the relationship between wind energy and § 112 in the Constitution, as well as issues related to The Neighbor Act. The research group was available for questions via Zoom and sought to provide relevant input to the discussions. After lots of discussion and a well deserved pizza break, the workshop ended with short presentations from the groups and some concluding remarks from the research group. 

Thank you for a successful workshop!