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Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui gave two presentations at the Offshore Technology Days (OTD)

Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, leader of the research group, gave two presentations at the annual multi-day conference Offshore Technology Days (OTD) which took place on 20 October in Stavanger.

OTD Energy 21
OTD Energy 21

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Offshore Technology Days (OTD) was established in 1999 by and for the supplier industry in the offshore industry. Since then, OTD has become the leading meeting place for Norwegian companies in the oil, energy and offshore industry.

OTD's goal is to be a tool for Norwegian suppliers. This includes building networks between companies, connecting buyers and suppliers, establishing partnerships and expanding personal networks. Surveys show that OTD is one of the leading trade fairs measured on contracts entered into and relevant visits.

The theme for this year's conference was business opportunities in energy, technology and sustainability. Ignacio gave two presentations, namely on the Offshore Wind Concession Process the possibility of combining offshore wind with oil and gas production.

In the presentation on wind power, he talked more specifically about how vague and general regulations in the Havenergilova create an unclear application and licensing system, which in turn means that the licensing process takes a long time. The real work starts when a licence is granted, given how the developer must carry out an environmental impact assessment and apply for various other necessary permits.

Furthermore, in the presentation on combining wind power with oil and gas production, he went into more detail on how development of offshore wind power can contribute to the "green shift" through electrification of the Norwegian shelf, shown by the pioneer project Hywind Tampen (Equinor) which powers the oil and gas fields Snorre and Gullfaks. This project may be the first in an attempted "greenification" of Norwegian oil and gas production, and has several advantages - it replaces gas-supplied platforms to reduce Norwegian CO2 emissions, at the same time as it promotes new Norwegian technology.

Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui