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The thematic area SAMLET works with teaching and research within the areas of public health, occupational and environmental medicine and health management, both nationally and internationally.

Foto av gravid mage og hender som holder rundt magen

Having complicated pregnancies increase the risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases

Researchers from University of Bergen have investigated the relation between 40-year-old women’s pregnancy history and later risk of dying of cardiovascular diseases.

Woman cleaning

Household cleaning can be as bad as smoking for lung function

Cleaners who have regularly used cleaning sprays over 20 years were found to have reduced lung function equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day over the same period, a UiB-study shows.

Horizon Europe

Why register as an Expert?

Evaluating project proposals for Horizon Europe will provide useful insight into EU's research policies and the evaluation process, in addition to preparing you for your own applications in the future. UiB's Brussels Office can help you in creating a relevant expert profile.