Department of Comparative Politics
PhD methods course

PhD course - Digital Content Analysis for Social Science

On 24-25 October Professor Steven Wilson will hold a two-day workshop on Digital Content Analysis for Social Science

Main content

This two-day workshop will combine lecture and hands-on learning to teach students how to use digital content analysis in their research. It will cover techniques of text analysis, including designing the appropriate anaylsis approach for particular research projects and available text corpora. Basic techniques such as Wordfish, dictionary models, and word frequency analysis will be covered first. We will then move on to advanced subjects such as unsupervised and supervised topic models and an introduction to using neural nets to classify digital texts using custom models. It will also cover the use of pre-existing models such as emotion and sentiment detection models, and an introduction to automated techniques for analyzing images. 

Completed course participation gives 1 ECTS. PhD candidates, Postdocs and permanent staff are welcome to participate. The course is taught in-person in Bergen and more information about the registration deadline and the course content will come soon.