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Media education in front in Bergen

In August, six new and innovative media study programmes are launched in Media City Bergen. Academic Director Ole J. Mjøs looks forward to welcoming new media students to Bergen.

Professor Ole J. Mjøs from the University of Bergen outside the new media cluster, Media City Bergen, in March 2017.
MODERN MEDIA EDUCATION: Professor Ole J. Mjøs outside Media City Bergen. Starting August, the University of Bergen offers six new study programmes in media production and media technology in these brand-new premises.
Eivind Senneset for the University of Bergen

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Less than six months before the doors open to the first group of students in Media City Bergen (MCB), Professor Ole J. Mjøs is excited about how things are developing as he takes a stroll on the premises of the new media cluster, which is nearing completion.

Recently the deadline expired to apply for positions as media practice teachers in MCB, and on 15 April the deadline to apply for admission to study closes.

“We are delighted to have received many strong applications for the positions as media practice teachers and the number of website visits to our new study programmes is promising,” says Mjøs during the inspection of MCB.

Connecting education and research

Professor Mjøs is academic director for the University of Bergen’s (UiB) research and educational commitment in MCB and employed at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, which will be responsible for these activities and programmes in the new media cluster.

“Our goal is to connect research and education in a way that enables us to educate the best candidates to face the labour market of the future,” says Mjøs.

In the brand-new premises, six new study programmes in media production and media technology are launched – three at bachelor level and three at master’s level. The co-location, together with media partners such as TV2, NRK, Bergens Tidende, BA, ITV Studios and a number of media technology companies, will provide students with outstanding opportunities to collaborate with leading media actors.

Strong and ambitious collaboration

Recently, media researchers at UiB launched the network TekLab, which will be a research lab in MCB, where the goal is “academic technology development” through experimentation and the involvement of students. Mjøs believes this points to one of the strengths of the new study programmes in MCB – the proximity between strong and ambitious research environments and companies developing media technology.

“The University’s involvement in Media City Bergen is a response to the growing demand for new knowledge and skills in the media industry. We want to provide the type of competence our graduates need to assert themselves in a media industry undergoing rapid change,” says the media professor.

Developing future learning

Mjøs points out that media researchers and teachers at UiB already have established strong ties within academia and industry nationally and internationally. MCB aims to develop these ties.

“The new premises in Media City Bergen enable us to invest in and expand our educational offerings and research capabilities in an entirely different way than before in the field of media,” says Professor Ole J. Mjøs.

“Also, we will share premises with internationally leading media tech companies such as Vizrt and Vimond. We look forward to continue work closely with these innovators to create future of media technology solutions.”