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Learning environment at The Faculty of Social Sciences

As a student at The Faculty of Social Sciences you can report on issues concerning the learning environment using an online form.

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Reports on the learning environment

If you wish to report on the learning environment, use the Speak Up Portal: this is where you can let us know if something is not working, if you are experiencing unwelcome incidents or see something that worries you. 

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What is "learning environment"?

The learning environment comprises physical, organisational, as well as psychosocial elements. An appropriate physical learning environment entails clean and safe premises, equipment, indoor climate and other related conditions.

An appropriate psychosocial learning environment implies that the learning environment is inclusive, and that appropriate action is taken to prevent bullying, discrimination and similar.

What is not "learning environment"?

Reports on the learning environment does not include:

- complaints concerning exam results

- complaints concerning formal errors on an exam

- complaints on formal decisions, e.g. concerning admission, leave of absence etc.

- reports on simple constructional issues (ELydia).