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The Measure your City Project in Bergen

There is a lot of concern about climate change and the effects it has on the world. But what does it mean for Bergen?

Bryggen - bergen
Bryggen in Bergen is one of the sites vulnerable for climate changes
Magnus Vabø

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In 2018, the ‘Measure your City’ project started in Bergen. The project helped local citizens measure the changing weather in places around Bergen over the following two years, or longer, using weather sensor stations that citizens themselves build!

About the workshop 21 June 2018

We want to find out: are Bergen’s seasons changing? At the same time we want to see which parts of the city are hottest, wettest, driest or coldest. Citizens' weather measurements will help Bergen plan for where changes in the seasons and weather might be most urgent.

‘Measure your City’ is started by the University of Bergen, but the citizens of Bergen will lead it. There is room for everyone, of all ages and backgrounds. No special knowledge or skills are needed. And participation is free!

On the 21st of June 2018 we will start the project with our first workshop, at the Bergen Hackerspace (Thormøhlens gate 21). In this workshop you can build your own sensor station, have it programmed and make a housing for it. No experience is needed; everyone can do it, guaranteed! The workshop is meant for adults, but children accompanied by a helping adult are also welcome.

After the workshop you can take the station home with you, where it can connect to our network and automatically start sending weather information to our website. The station will measure temperature and relative humidity, and it will have a GPS for the location.

The data that the stations produce will be available on our website, with a map of the current temperature and humidity readings of all sensor stations. This data will be available to Bergen Kommune and the University of Bergen, to help plan for climate adaptation in the city. You can also produce a live heat map of the city, or download the complete dataset for yourself.

Citizen scientists can also meet with University of Bergen scientists, to talk about their findings.

We are always looking for new participants. Join us by sending an email to scott.bremer@uib.no, or just turn up to the workshop on the 21st of June.