Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities
SAMKUL Workshop

Visualizing Climate Change

This workshop will aim to establish a researcher network that will contribute to a broader knowledge base for meeting challenges related to climate change and accompanying environmental changes.

paining winter landscape with bird trap_Pieter_brueghel
Winter landscape with bird trap. Pieter Brueghel

Main content

The network will focus on the roles of images and other forms of visualization in climate research, in research and decision making on adaptation and mitigation issues, and climate risk communication.
Images of climate change has received comparatively little attention in the overall effort to develop a knowledge base for robust policy decisions. Often, images of climate change represent and reinforce particular framings of the climate issue and are thereby powerful tools for framing and reframing climate mitigation and adaptation challenges (De Boer et al, 2010).

Images can also be very effective in engaging and putting into motion a wider community of citizens, policy makers, and researchers in tackling the grand challenges of climate change. With climate images is meant visualizations of scientific data (measurements), illustrations of scientific knowledge, and disseminations and reinterpretations of these in science communication broadly understood, from illustrations of climate change-related effects in the environment, of scenarios for mitigation, adaptation, and political activism.