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Image showing TOR logo and members of TOR

Center for Translational Oral Research (TOR) focuses on translational research based on a clinical approach. The center integrates basic EXPERIMENTAL, epidemiological and clinical research activities and facilitate translation of the results into evidence-based innovative therapies.

The center was established in 2021 and is affiliated with the Department of Clinical Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine.

The mission of the center is to promote translational research within the field of orofacial health, and develop evidence-based novel methods for prevention, early detection and treatment of oral diseases and defects. The center encompasses the Research school at the department to promote research education and training in accordance with the institute`s research strategies.


  1. To promote research collaborations locally and at a global scale.
  2. To strengthen possibilities for funding recruitment.
  3. To enrich the research environment at IKO by organization of seminars, symposia and workshops.
  4. To encourage bridging patient-, and population-oriented research with laboratory basic research.

The center is organized to include four research groups and three units.

The four research groups:


The three units:


Photo of the committee, candidate and custos

New doctoral degree - Hassan Abdel-Raouf Abdel-Wahab Mohamed Ali

Hassan Abdel-Raouf Abdel-Wahab Mohamed Ali defended his thesis for the PhD-degree at the University of Bergen on the 24th of May. The title of the thesis is: " "Stemness and osteogenic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells generated in xeno-free conditions" ".

Photo of the committee, candidate and custos

New doctoral degree - Victoria Xenaki

Victoria Xenaki defended her thesis for the PhD-degree at the University of Bergen on the 23 of May. The title of the thesis is: " Nanosafety aspects: Dental health care workers’ perception of nanomaterials and in vitro nanotoxicity assessment using new approach methodologies ".

Picture of oral surgery

New teeth using stem cell technology

Research leader, Cecilie Gjerde makes new bone material grow using the patient's own stem cells.

Bilde av de to studentene Ragnhild E. Krage (th) og Margit Hågå sammen med  presidenten i NTF, Heming Olsen-Bergem.

Plastic Waste in Dentistry from an Environmental perspective

Congratulations to Ragnhild E. Krage (to the right) and Margit Hågå who won the student research price at the Norwegian Dental Association Meeting (November 2023). Here they are together with the president of the Norwegian Dental Association, Heming Olsen-Bergem.

Picture of stunning stem cells and starlink trails

November’s Best Scientific Image – Selected by Nature

Exciting news is brewing in our research community! We’re thrilled to announce that the work by a researcher at the Tissue Engineering group, Shuntaro Yamada, has been featured as the Best Scientific Image of the Month on Nature.