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Land use and ecosystem services

Impact of grazing management on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve​

In her PhD-project at the University of Bergen, Morgane Kerdoncuff studies how different domestic grazing managements affect biodiversity and key ecosystem services in the Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere area.

Goat grazing in outfield in Nordhordland, Western Norway
Goat in outfield in Alver, Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere.
Amy Eycott
Photo: Field work in field grazed by cows
Morgane Kerdoncuff surveying the vegetation in a field grazed by cows in Alver, Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere.
Linn Voldstad
Photo: Old Norwegian sheep in Øygarden
Ram of old Norwegian sheep breed in Øygarden, Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere.
Morgane Kerdoncuff
Photo: Experimental plot set up in coastal heathland in Øygarden, Western Norrway
Experimental plot set up in coastal heathland in Øygarden, Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere.
Morgane Kerdoncuff

This PhD-project is part of the TradMod project (“From traditional resource use to modern industrial production: Holistic management in Western Norway”) at the University of Bergen, Department of Biological Sciences. By focusing mainly on work package 2, and partly on work package 1, the following topics are investigated:

Impact of different grazing managements on arthropod communities using a dung-transfer experiment

  • Impact of grazing and dung fertilisation on soil, plants and arthropods on a recently burnt heathland, using a 3-years dung-transfer experiment.
  • Post-fire succession of aboveground- and soil arthropod communities in coastal heathland.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services delivery under different grazing management in Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve

  • How do different breeds and grazing managements impact soil, plants and arthropods and the subsequent ecosystem services?​
  • How are grazing management effects mitigated by the altitudinal and West-East gradients?​
  • What are the main ecosystem service trade-offs and hotspots within the Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve?​
  • What are the main guidelines driven by the ecosystem service maps and analyses for a sustainable land management in Nordhordland Biosphere Reserve?​

Insects as effective, reliable and affordable indicators of environmental health in Biosphere Reserves?


Study area:

The study locations in this project are spread around in Norway's first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve - Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere.

Map: Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere area

Map showing the extent of Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere in western Norway, with its 8 (+ partly 4) municipalities.

Peter Emil Kaland