Immersive journalism panel session at the ECREA2018

Last week (Oct 31- Nov 3) several participants from the ViSmedia project presented their latest work on immersive journalism in a panel session at the ECREA2018 conference in Switzerland.


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The ECREA conference takes place every other year and is a meeting ground for media scholars from all over the world.  Its was arranged by the European Communication Research and Education Association.Turo Uskali from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland was the chair holder for the session.  And Joakim Vindsnes and Astrid Gynnild from University of Bergen and Esa Sirkkunen University of Tampere all contributed with presentations of their recent research on immersive journalism development (Virtual Reality Journalism, 360°/ VR/AR/MR).The  panel session started out with presentations on the early stages of immersive journalism and the mapping of VR news content. Approaches to teaching and learning immersive journalism were also discussed as well as visual surveillance and transparency aspects of the emerging journalism field.