Technological Development Is Beyond Human Control, Researcher Claims

"If you think you as an individual are in control when you for example are scrolling down your Facebook feed, you haven't read the technological text on the wall".

Lars Nyre

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Lars Nyre, ViSmedia researcher and professor at University of Bergen, recently expressed this view to the website Journalisten.

In the media, he believes artificial intelligence slowly will take over.

"Everything is becoming more and more standardized and intertwined. You can already see that NTB (the Norwegian news agency) can produce robot articles about soccer, simply because a soccer game is so predictable that AI can do all the rough work."

NTB is not the only news media doing this. Recently, the New York Times, Reuters, and other media giants are starting to create automated journalism, according to TechEmergence.

Also, the Washington Post's robot journalist published 850 articles in one year, according to Digiday UK.