The Photojournalism Discussion Continues

31 January and 1 February two events on photojournalistic research will take place in Stockholm. ViSmedia will be represented by researcher Astrid Gynnild.

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The events are held on occasion of the publication of the latest Special Issue of Nordicom Review. This issue was published in November 2017 and was titled "Photojournalism and editorial processes". The events will take place at Galleri Kontrast in Stockholm on 31 January and at Uppsala University on 1 February. The event at Galleri Kontrast is open to the public.

In Stockholm, three of the guest editors, Astrid Gynnild (Professor at the University of Bergen), Anne Hege Simonsen (Associate Professor at the University of Oslo and Akershus), and Maria Nilsson (Associate Professor at Uppsala University) will present the latest in photojournalistic research and start a discussion about its prerequisites in a changed media climate.

According to Nordicom, the aim is to create a dialogue between researchers, professionals, the media industry and the public.

“The discussion will, among other things, focus on what strategies exist to develop photojournalism in a changing media industry and what further research the professionals and industry would like to see”, Maria Nilsson, Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University and one of the guest editors of the journal says to Nordicom.   

See the live-recorded discussion about the latest in photojoutnalistic research here (Facebook).