Digital Self-Defence Explained

Hedvig Idås

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Journalist Freja Wedenborg has been teaching digital self-defence for journalists working in such different places as cosy local newspapers in Denmark to high-risk environments in Palestine and Pakistan. Over and over again she sees otherwise digitally competent journalists who store years and years of valuable work on insecure platforms. At the ViSmedia-conference in Bergen she explained how to master the art of digital self-defence.  

E-mails, online research, chats, texts and calls – almost all of our work and digital communication can be accessed by third party companies, authorities, criminals or others. Digital self-defence has become so complicated, you either wrap your entire house in tinfoil or you give up. To master digital self-defence you must learn how to protect your communication, how to protect your equipment and how to protect your online accounts.

Ssd.eff.orgSecurityplanner.org and Cryptoguide.dk are some of the tools Freja Wedenborg explains in this presentation.

Freja Wedenborg - Digital self-defense