Institutt for biovitenskap (BIO)


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Main Building
- auditorium / meeting room for 30 people
- course lab for 12 students
- offices for staff and guests
- office equipment and electronic communication
- sorting lab with air hoods
- wet lab with aquaria and running seawater
- walk-in cool-rooms (2-20°C)
- 2 with running seawater
- 1 for culture of microalgae

Guest House
- 20 rooms with private bath
- restaurant-type kitchen
- living-dining room and terrace with view to the fjord
- sauna


- Analytical instruments
- Microscopes and some other lab equipment
- 4 outboard motor boats
- Sampling devices: dredges, sledges, fishing gear and plankton nets
- the R/V "Hans Brattström" can also dock at the Station
- Equipment for continuous collection of live zooplankton (Hydrotech; approx. 5 m3/min)

For more information, please contact Espeland.