Universitetsmuseet i Bergen


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"New" Bergen Museum unveiled

The scaffolding on the north wing of the monumental building at Muséplass has now been removed. With that, the building now presents itself with a new colour, similar to the one it once had.

The rehabilitated façade has a grey colour that resembles the colour of the building at the end of the 1890s. The colour scheme has been drawn up by Architect Trine Neble after consultation with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

Historic windows

There is yet another revelation for people who are on the inside of the building. The old windows with their beautiful glasses have been gently restored. Finally, one can look out over the university and the city, through these beautiful glass windows. It brings the building back to its former glory. When visitors from 1 October once more return to the building, they have really something to look forward to.

Further work on the façade

The work on the south wing, which is wrapped up in tarpaulins, is in full swing. From July and onwards, the middle part of the building at Muséplass 3 will be wrapped up in connection with the restoration work.