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Winter school holiday at the Museum: Medals, Night of Mysteries, and Doctor Proctor

The winter school holiday at the Museum next week offers an exciting programme including a medal workshop and the popular “Doctor Proctor Exhibition” in the Cultural History Collections, and at the Natural History Collections, in the evening of Wednesday 27 February, the scene is once again set for a “Night at the Museum”.


The medal workshop takes place from 11.00 to 14.00, Tuesday 26.2 to and including Friday 1.3, in the Cultural History Collections. Night at the Museum: From 18.00 to 21.00 on Wednesday 27.2, in the Natural History Collections.

Medal workshop

Old medals are really works of art, often larded with illustrations and symbols. Now you have the chance to give yourself a prize by making a medal of your own design. The medal workshop that took place in the autumn of last year was a huge success.

Night at the Museum and Dr. Proctor’s scary animals

With your own medal hanging around your neck, you should not miss the chance to visit Doctor Proctor’s collection of animals you wish didn’t exist. People have flocked to see this exciting exhibition now being shown at the Cultural History Collections, Haakon Sheteligsplass 10.
On Wednesday 27 February, it is once again set for Night at the Museum in the Natural History Collections. The Museum will then open its doors in the evening – while the lights remain switched off...

Medals are easy to find – on the Internet

The Collection of Medals in the University Museum of Bergen, Mynt- og medaljesamlingen, has been an important part of the University Museum of Bergen collections since 1825. Did you know that the Museum has some of the largest collections in Norway comprising 50 000 objects of medals, coins, bank notes, decorations and badges, pins and buttons, seals, signets, impressions of seals, and the like? The Norwegian University Museums have also created digital portals to cultural heritage objects,  where 600 000 objects are just a mouse click away.
In a revised article on the Museum’s coin collection by Henrik von Achen, first published in the Bergen Museum Yearbook 2001 (now: University Museum of Bergen) you can read more (in Norwegian).                                               
TIME AND LOCATION: The University Museum is open Tuesday to and including Friday from 10.00 to 15.00, weekends from 11.00 to 16.00.
Entrance fee: Adults NOK 50. Senior citizens NOK 25. Children and students: Free
Welcome to a winter school holiday at the University Museum!