Knowledge and Governance

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Research Group Leader:
Associate Professor Anne Homme

Contact information:
Knowledge and Governance
Department of Education
University of Bergen
Christies gate 13
N-5015 Bergen

Tel: +47 55 58 97 46 /+47 408 54 315
E-mail: Anne.Homme@uib.no

The research group investigates governing-, development- and assessment-processes in the educational sector and other knowledge intensive organisations. Projects in the group focus on these processes within a) creativity, knowledge development and interdiciplinarity, and/or b) implementation and accountability.

To be able to study the governing-, development- and assessment-processes in knowledge-intensive and educational organisations, we investigate the development of policy and strategies at a macro level, as well as more concrete development processes at an organisational micro-level. In addition, we are concerned with the possible consequences these processes might have for agents such as students, teachers, workers, leaders and/or the organisation as a whole.

The research group has a broad theoretical approach and draw on perspectives from sociology of knowledge, discourse theory, identity theories, socio-cultural theories on knowledge and learning as well as theories on professions, organizations, and on implementation. The competence on design and research methodology in the group is strong and we use a mix of interviews, observations, surveys and document analysis in our projects. We have extensive experience with research-projects that include material from different levels, groups and agents in an organisation, institution or sector.