Subject Resources

Artskunnskap og taksonomi ressurser

Artskunnskap og taksonomi ressurser fra åpne nettdatabaser og fra Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen


Below are a list of resouces which can be used to find species/taxonomic information. The online databases vary in scope, how up-to-date they are, and reliability. Because of this, you should evaluate each source carefully before use. Some are mainly for checking current names and systematics, some have images, and some contain further information (ecology, life history, distribution, DNA sequences, conservation status, etc.).

Note that larger, general databases do not necessarily always have the most current information, as they may rely on smaller, group-specific databases to fetch taxonomic information.

This list is continually evolving – if you have feedback or additions, let us know!

Physical resources at the library

We hold many printed floras, faunas, taxonomic journals and identification handbooks/keys at the library, by region, habitat, and taxonomic group. Come in, check Oria, or send us an email if you are looking for a specific region/habitat/group.

  • A few examples:
    • Norsk Flora / Norsk-Svensk-Finsk Flora (Lid)
    • Norges Planter (Fægri)
    • Illustrierte Flora von Mittel-Europa (Hegi)
    • Fungi of temperate Europe (Læssøe)
    • Norges Dyr
    • Danmarks Fauna
    • Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe (Hayward and Ryland)
    • Seasearch guide to the Bryozoans and Hydroids of Britain and Ireland
    • Fauna Japonica, The Zoology of the Faroes, South African Animal Life...

Databases for Taxonomy, Distribution or Status (all groups)

Databases for Genetic, Molecular or Cell data (all groups)

Databases for specific taxonomic groups