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Do you trust online banking? Is online shopping safe? Wondering how Google finds answers to your searchers so quickly? Or how graphics in video games are made? Will you be developing software and IT solutions for the future? If you think these questions sound exciting, then our study programs are for you!

We prepare our graduates for highly diverse careers in ICT, finance, media and academia. Did you start your computer science studies outside of Norway? We have several options for you to be a student of our department or to start a research career with us.


Five young researchers funded millions

Five UiB scientists will receive over 100 million NOK from Bergen Research Foundation and the University of Bergen, who aim to lay the groundwork for world class research.

Interview | Visualization Group

3D Visualization World interviewed Dr. Helwig Hauser: Advanced Visualization Research Explores New Paths

Advanced visualization is exploring new paths to reveal the function and structure of relevant natural phenomena or other artifacts of interest. Medicine, geoscience, and engineering are just three selected areas where new visualization research is needed. 3D Visualization World interviewed Dr....


Informatics researcher grabs top EU grant

Daniel Lokshtanov has been awarded the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council. He is currently the third researcher at the University of Bergen to hold such a grant.

Research | Informatics

A joint effort to boost information security

The Department of Informatics cooperates with Simula Research Laboratory to increase data security in Norway. The partnership will materialize in a new company called Simula@UiB.

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